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WELCOME TO ENHANCED GRAPHICS TEAM WEBSITE!!!!!!! [Important Info has a * by it]
   * If Your New Please Sign Up or Log In 
    a little information about the Enhanced Team 
   NickTheOtaku: hes had a couple of other failed YouTube but since he's had NickTheOtaku | GFX And Gaming | hes been successful with your guy's support!!!! 
   GrayPokemonMaster: hes been on youtube for about 3 years and hes a Animator and just starting to get into art and on the plus side hes a freak when it comes to Anime 
    KeatonLegoStudios: hes been in art for a while and he was are Banner Disguiser and hes gray's Brother  and hes rad
     KillaGFX: he was invited by a old member that went rouge and left becuase he didnt like are "rules" but Killa is rad as well hes cool so i let him in 
     ELIRatical: finaly ELI, ELI is the closest im going to get a brother in this group and hes awesome he wanted to learn art just for the group hes sacrifised allot and im ok with that congrats ELI 
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